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These web pages provide explanatory background about the electronic design automation (EDA) product data standard GenCAM, and the various open source software tools that use this standard. GenCAM veterans may wish to go directly to the SourceForge GenCAM project pages instead.

Tell me more about GenCAM?

GenCAM is a product data standard for capturing the information needed to build electronic assemblies. This information is created by designers and manufacturing/test engineers working with various computer aided tools. GenCAM is an industry developed file format to accurately and completely capture all the information needed as the product progresses through the different stages of assembly (typically board fabrication, component assembly, test). It is relatively unique in the Electronic Assembly domain because it is available in the public domain (as contrasted to international standards which must be purchased, or to vendor-specific protocols which require contractual agreements and possibly licensing fees to develop with). For more information on the GenCAM standard itself, visit the official IPC GenCAM web site, or the IPC standards website and look for IPC2511 (and IPC25xx).

So what's here?

Tools that use GenCAM as their input or output data format. These tools happen to be open source, which allows you, the user community, to make them better serve your needs over time. The projects page lists the tools currently available.

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